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In the field of Research and Development, deeper studies are made into the content-analysis and efficacy-level of each product and mainstream methodologies are used in analytical studies to make each product more and more acceptable to the mainstream scientific community all over the world. Studies are also made in improving the processes and increasing the shelf-life of the products, without any reduction in flavour or quality.

Latest communication methods are utilised for sharing the findings with like-minded organisations and scientific bodies all over the world, for cross-checking and fine-tuning the end-results of each research project. This sharing of information ensures better co-ordination among the scientific community for an open-minded and transparent approach towards fresh insights into the world of traditional preventive and curative treatments.

There are many diseases whose incidence and aggravation are related to advanced age. Alzheimer's disease, heart diseases, diabetes, cataract, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoporosis, hypertension and many types of cancer are some of the age-related diseases. Globally more than 60% of all deaths are due to age-related causes. When figures for industrialised nations only are taken separately, nearly 90% of all deaths are related to old age. There are several herbal extracts used all over the world to control the disabilities and diseases that are related to aging or for rejuvenation, up to an extent. Some of these are time-proven and widely accepted as exceptionally effective. Studying these and other anti-aging preparations that are slowly slipping into oblivion is a part of what we owe to our ancestors and NBS is doing just that.

Some of the above diseases, especially diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis and hypertension, are also classified as lifestyle diseases whose incidence is directly related to the advance in development or industrialisation. Atherosclerosis, cirrhosis, asthma, renal failure, stroke, depression, metabolic syndrome and obesity are also generally considered life-style-related diseases. Research and development in this area would also include the requisition of life-style changes that are compulsory for fool-proof effectiveness of treatment with traditional herbal extracts.

Obesity is considered a disease. But, it is not just a disease but the precursor and aggravator of many diseases like some cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, infertility, back pain, some skin infections and ulcers and gallstones. There are several traditional herbal preparations that control obesity and NBS is making path-breaking discoveries in the effectiveness of some herbal preparations in the control of obesity.

NBS concentrates its research and development on organic substances. The structurally diverse organic compounds are the foundation of all life on earth. They form the basis for, or are prime constituents of, thousands of products that people use. The scientific study of organic compounds and organic materials, including their structure, reactions and properties, is done using spectroscopy and other methods. Hydrocarbons and carbon with other elements are the main subjects of studies in organic chemistry.

Modern plant study, or botany, has grown into a multidisciplinary and full-fledged subject that takes inputs from several other areas of science and technology. Optical and electron microscopy including live-cell-imaging, study of the structure and functions of enzymes, molecular genetic analysis and such other modern in-depth studies are used to classify plants more accurately, analyse their properties and gauge their effectiveness in wellness preparations.

As the oceans cover 71% of the surface of the earth and contain about three hundred times the habitable volume of space on land, the major portion of all living things, including plants, are in the ocean. Kelp forests, coral reefs, tide-pools, sea-grass meadows, muddy shallows, sandy shorelines, rocky bottoms and the pelagic zone (the open ocean) are all unique habitats with unique life forms. The condition of marine life is actually a determinant factor of the condition of the earth. If properly preserved, it will be an unlimited source of food, medicine and raw materials for us and most of the resources have not been tapped yet.

Undifferentiated biological cells that can be transformed into cells of special areas are called stem cells and can be used for production of more stem cells. Stem cells are of different types. Some are totipotent and can be transformed into any type of cells. Some are pluripotent and multipotent and can be transformed into many other types of cells. Some are oligopotent and can be differentiated into only a few types like lymphoid or myeloid. Finally, some are unipotent and can only reproduce or renew themselves, i.e. stem cells.

Though stem cell therapy is being used presently only in the treatment of leukemia, for bone marrow transplants, researchers are of the opinion that it can be used in other areas also, making a sea change in the treatment of diseases. Spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's disease, muscle damages, multiple sclerosis, blindness, baldness, stroke, brain injury, learning disorders, diabetes, cancers, rheumatoid arthritis and several other diseases are expected to be completely cured by using stem cell therapy. There are other uses like the growing of new teeth in place of lost teeth in adults through this therapy. So stem cells will be the future resource of advanced treatments and strengthening stem cells will go a long way in such treatments. Herbal preparations that can strengthen stem cells are therefore important areas of research for NBS.

There are several structures and processes that are inside an organism that protect the organism against diseases. This is the immune system and it has to detect all the agents of diseases from parasitic worms to viruses and distinguish these from the own healthy tissues of the organism. Damage to the immune system, resulting in a less active immune system, can lead to diseases like cancer, inflammations and autoimmune diseases.Autoimmunity, which is the result of a hyperactive immune system, attacks own healthy tissues mistaking them for foreign organisms. Diabetes mellitus type 1, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis are examples of common autoimmune diseases.

Fruits and vegetables are recommended as foods that boost your immunity as they contain antioxidants that strengthen your immune system. Antioxidants are nutrients including minerals and vitamins that protect cells against damages caused by free radicals and repair them when they are damaged. Therefore, fighting free radicals and supplying antioxidants are the essential functions of any immunity-boosting wellness preparation. NBS gives prime importance in its researches to these capabilities of the wellness products it develops.

Metabolism refers to the chemical changes within the cells of living organisms that enable life, growth, reproduction and proper responses to the changes in the environment. It also refers to chemical reactions in living organisms, usually specified as intermediary metabolism, like digestion, input of substances into cells and transfer of substances between cells. The catalysts in these reactions are enzymes.

Enzymes couple the energy requirements to spontaneous reactions that release energy. As catalysts, the enzymes make these reactions quick and efficient. They also regulate metabolic pathways respond to changes in the cell's environment or according to signals from other cells. The speed of metabolism determines the quantitative requirement of food and the ability to obtain the same. Wellness preparations have to enhance production of enzymes and NBS allots great importance to this factor in its research and development activities.

All the above elements will contribute to the sustainability, both physical and mental, in good health that every person desires to acquire. The protagonists of complementary or alternative health care and the protagonists of mainstream or allopathic healthcare are resorting to unjustified vilification of each other. What we need is that all forms of healthcare should conform to the principles of sustainability. All forms of healthcare should be compatible with the complex biological systems and energy systems that make up the human body and mind and maintain their status and activities. This is the basis of sustainability and this is the guiding principle of all the research and development work going on in NBS.

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