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Research and Development

Patent free exchange programme

Institutions, organisations and individuals engaged in research and development of wellness preparations and allied subjects are invited for patent-free exchange of modes of collection of raw materials, methodologies of research, analytical data on ingredients, conclusive information, process of expelling unnecessary ingredients and extraction of usable ingredients, data on by-products, testimonials of efficacy, etc that are mutually beneficial for further research and development in the same or related fields of study.

Endemic / Geographic

Technical, scientific and financial assistance and support are offered to institutions, organisations and individuals that are engaged in research on plants and other materials that are found only in some particular geographic regions to continue their research and related activities on the same specimens and materials in the same region. Financial crunch should never be a reason for abandoning such activities and NBS is extending a helping hand to all such initiatives at whatever stage their projects may be in, at present. The details of such research initiatives may be forwarded along with the details of the form of support or assistance that is required / expected.

Incomplete Research

Those engaged in ongoing research and development activities in the field of wellness products or plants and other materials that may have any potential as ingredients in traditional or other wellness preparations are requested to contact NBS for technical, financial or other help for completing their work. They can interact with NBS for mutual benefit by sharing collected data and procedural details of ongoing projects on the same or related subjects. They can also request for any immediate or long term assistance, in any form, for any stage of the project.

Education and Training

Guidance for Research

Individuals, institutions and organisations that are engaged in research on the health benefits of the traditional wellness preparations all over the world can benefit from our guidance service in their studies and in making practical use of their research findings. We shall help with additional information from our side through our 'mutual exchange of knowledge' programmes and render possible technical assistance in setting up facilities for further research. We can also help with the initial expenses for setting up research facilities in your own locality.

Public Awareness

The Company plans to unleash a campaign of public awareness on the genuine traditional wellness products that are derived from locally available plants and other organic materials. These will be made familiar to the new generation not as alternative medications but as benevolent and harmless supplements that can be taken, with or without mainstream medications, for wholesome health and holistic wellness. Most of these products are time-proven home-remedies that have been used by generations and generations with great efficacy. Organisations and institutions are welcome to be partners in this venture that will help the human family achieve a healthier morrow.

Community Participation and Awareness

Communities and groups, like the residents of an area, the students of an educational institution, health workers, voluntary organisations, social service outfits, etc can take up the work of popularising traditional wellness products for the improvement of general health and for better resistance to diseases, especially contagious diseases. The Company will provide educational materials and necessary finance to those organisations and institutions that approach with viable projects that can be implemented within a reasonable time-frame.

Lifestyle Education

A life style that depends on junk food and enjoys sedentary habits has made modern man prone to several diseases that were hardly heard of just a generation ago. Life style changes are the prerequisites for any effort made for returning to the healthier days of our forefathers. The public, especially the younger generation, have to be educated for a complete change in their lives based on a better diet and regular exercise. The keys to healthier lives are more vegetables and fruits, less oily food, more home-cooked food, less hotel food, more low-calorie food, less alcohol and tobacco, more active life, less sedentary habits and so on. All are invited to join in the global campaign for life-style reformation that NBS has on the anvil.

Scholarship Programme

Students of institutions of higher education who are engaged in studies of any plant or other material that has properties that can be used in wellness preparations, whether it is traditionally used or not, will be given scholarships for the entire period of their studies. They will also receive other assistance in the form of educational materials and data inputs from the research facilities of the Company. All such students are requested to contact the Company, through the Heads of their institutions, for benefiting from the resources of the Company, both financially and otherwise.

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