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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company believes that CSR is an inalienable part of corporate citizenship and what we owe to the community and country of which we are a part and parcel. No external compulsion is needed to make us take up CSR activities. The following are some of the CSR activities for which we give prime consideration.

We help with the initial expenses for setting up research facilities in the locality of the individual, institutional or organizational researchers. We also provide additional information through our 'mutual exchange of knowledge' programmes and render all possible technical assistance for the setting up and completion of further research.

We provide educational materials and necessary finance to those organisations and institutions that approach us with viable projects for popularising traditional wellness products for the improvement of general health and for better resistance to diseases, especially contagious diseases. Groups like residents of an area, students of educational institutions, health workers, voluntary organisations, social service outfits and whole communities can benefit.

The public, especially in the urban and urbanised regions, have to be educated to make a complete change in life style, with better diet and regular exercise. More vegetables and fruits, less oily food, more home-cooked food, less hotel food, more low-calorie food, less alcohol and tobacco, more active life and less sedentary habits are the keys to a better and healthier life. One of the prime areas of CSR expenditure will be the education of the people to change their lifestyle for the better.

Students engaged in studies of any plant or other material that has properties that can be used in wellness preparations, without side effects, are given scholarships for the entire period of their studies. Educational materials and data inputs from the research facilities of the Company are also provided to them to help them in their studies.

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