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We visualise a holistic wellness of the mind and body and the enhancement of the quantitative and qualitative capabilities of human activities, both physical and mental.


The Mission of the organization is the carrying out of all necessary research and development activities to achieve the above vision of universal wellness.


Immediate Objectives

  • Expanding the knowledge base on traditional wellness products
  • Assessing the efficacy of the alternative practices in medicine
  • Studying the preventive, curative and tonic effects of plant extracts
  • Researching and developing better methods of extracting
  • Making in-depth studies on the contents and properties and their effects on the body and mind of man in case of each product
  • Looking for ways of making the products more affordable and reliable
  • Improving the processes for better quality and more shelf-life
  • Investigating the possible side effects and their elimination
  • Examining ways of making the products more acceptable to the scientific community through mainstream methodology of content-analysis

Long-term Objectives

  • Organizing people from all walks of life for campaigns spreading the awareness on available traditional remedies throughout the world
  • Organizing the practitioners of traditional wellness and treatment methods for exchanging the knowledge and experience with one another and to start a global campaign for nature-based health practices
  • Organizing the farmers all over the world and making them aware of the value of medicinal plants and helping them to get a better deal from the purchasers.
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