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The primary fields of research and development, in which NBS is engaged in, relate to the complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) and traditional medicines (TM) which are often interchangeable. These terms refer to practices and products that people choose as complements or alternatives to the mainstream Western medical approaches in the prevention and cure of diseases and in the enhancement of the wellness and activity level.

NBS is engaged in the in-depth study of the effectiveness of alternative medicinal and wellness products and practices and generally practiced traditional treatments that were developed through ages and are still being followed by people all over the world. These include biological practices of intake of nature-based food-supplements and herbal extracts, manipulative and body-based treatments like massaging, mind-body treatments like Yoga, alternative medical systems like acupuncture and Ayurveda, energy medications like magnet-therapy and so on and so forth. Of these, NBS concentrates more on plant extracts that were traditionally used by people for prevention and cure of ailments and for enhancement of physical and mental wellness and better activity level.

Several related studies are undertaken for the proper assessment and recommendations of the curative and wellness properties of the herbs and other plants. These involve the study of plant genetics, plant properties, environmental studies, health hazards of the modern man, life-style-related disorders in the health and wellness level, organic cultivation of plants with medicinal uses, better and more streamlined processes of extraction, more affordable and accessible distribution of the products, expansion and enhancement of the capabilities for continued activity even in advanced age, etc.

NBS Quality

The Quality Policy of NBS is based on ensuring that its products shall exceed the expectations of the customers in quality, affordability and punctuality of supply. NBS shall continually do all it can for improvement in quality, advances in affordability and more flawless and streamlined production processes. We shall endeavour to set the standard in safety and quality of the products. We shall foster mutually beneficial relationships with all who come into contact with us. Any error or omission shall be immediately set right, as soon as it is identified.


NBS believes that every corporate body should be a responsible corporate citizen and carry out its duties in the fields of social and environmental responsibilities. This will have a positive impact on all including employees, consumers, other stakeholders and anybody coming into contact with the activities of the Company. As the end products of NBS are nature-friendly, the production processes should be strictly controlled to be perfectly environment-friendly.

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